Core Virtues

Core Virtues at SOCA

Students at Southeast Ohio Classical Academy will pursue an education of the heart and mind. Virtue and character development will be primary aims. The following virtues are inspired by Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and have proven the test of time. Our students will be expected to behave in accordance with these core virtues:


Moving forward with steadfast purpose and perseverance in the face of fear, obstacles, or evil.


Accepting ownership of one's duty in life and work to do good regardless of whether others do the same.


Saying "no" to actions and things that are bad, illegitimate, or ultimately harmful to what is good. Being patient or limiting oneself, even to receive a good thing.


Cultivating relationships based on common interests and loves, while being kind and generous in those relationships.


Following and obeying rules and respecting right authority, while treating others fairly. Giving honor where honor is due.


Making good, well thought out decisions in changing circumstances, when there are no rules on which to rely.


Pursuing knowledge about the highest things, while not thinking oneself wise in one's own eyes.