Welcome from the Principal

Letter from Principal Tim Allen


Every education has an intended outcome. In other words, every education is defined by the type of person it seeks to raise. The question is, “Who will students become when they finish this educational program?”

Some models of education want to produce great workers for specific industries for the benefit of society. Other models of education want to produce students who are further along in the process of a college education. Neither of these goals for an education are inherently wrong. I, too, agree with some of their desired outcomes.

At Southeast Ohio Classical Academy, we believe education should be focused on raising citizens of virtue. We want students to become people who pursue truth, goodness, and beauty in everything they do. We believe, when all is said and done, the virtuous life will be the only life that was worth living.

Our academic program is vigorous and engaging. It utilizes time-tested techniques and timeless curriculum to deliver an education that will provide students with a foundation for all parts of their lives. Our students will be ready, regardless of where they may go or what they may be.

It is possible your student might be a semester ahead in credit hours for a pre-law degree or nearly completed in their career training to become a nurse within a year of graduation if they go to another school. However, we are not competing with other schools to race your child through academic or vocational training. We want to use this critical season of life to partner with parents, the primary educators of children, to raise moral people. My first hope is that our future government officials and medical practicioners are people who faithfully live by standards of virtue. We want our citizens to contemplate and be motivated to act based on fidelity to virtues. Ideals such as justice, integrity, courage, and prudence help instruct us in how to lead noble lives.

The vision to provide a quality educational option that strives to cultivate wisdom and virtue in the hearts and minds of students is an old way of doing education. Our way of education isn’t new; it’s just new to our area. This kind of education used to be for everyone but along the way it became the education that only those with great wealth, power, or prestige could access. That trend is about to die in Appalachian Ohio.

I hope you will join Southeast Ohio Classical Academy on our journey to return to a time-tested and timeless education. It’s an education that is intended for everyone. It’s the education we need.

The Best to You and Your Family,

Mr. Allen
Principal of SOCA