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Who We Are
WHo we are

Southeast Ohio Classical Academy

Opening in Fall 2024, Southeast Ohio Classical Academy is set to become Southeast Ohio's first tuition-free classical academy. Initially welcoming students from Kindergarten through 6th grade, the school plans to expand by adding one grade level annually until it reaches 12th grade. Our educators will utilize proven teaching techniques to instill authentic knowledge and cultivate values such as moral integrity, proper conduct, respect, discipline, and a dedication to thoughtful inquiry.

Our Mission

The mission of Southeast Ohio Classical Academy is to train the minds and cultivate the hearts of young men and women in moral character and civic virtue from a classical curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences.

Our Vision

The vision of Southeast Ohio Classical Academy (SOCA) is for children who attend to become virtuous citizens who learn to do good, seek truth, and love the beautiful.

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Hillsdale K-12 Curriculum

Southeast Ohio Classical Academy is part of the nationwide network of over 25 tuition-free Hillsdale College K-12 initiative schools. Hillsdale College’s K-12 content-rich curriculum has an emphasis upon the four core disciplines of math, science, literature, and history, with attention to music, art, physical education, and foreign languages. Southeast Ohio Classical Academy focuses on intellectual rigor, human virtue, moral character, and responsible citizenship.

Our Curriculum

Core Virtues at SOCA

Students at Southeast Ohio Classical Academy will pursue an education of the heart and mind. Virtue and character development will be primary aims. The following virtues are inspired by Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and have proven the test of time. Our students will be expected to behave in accordance with these core virtues:


Recognizing the suffering of others, then taking appropriate action to help.


Moving forward with steadfast purpose and perseverance in the face of fear, pain, obstacles, or evil.


Accepting ownership of duty and working to do good regardless of whether others do the same.


Refusing actions and things that are bad, illegitimate, or ultimately harmful. Being patient or limiting oneself, even to receive a good thing.


Cultivating relationships based on mutual interests and loves, while being kind and generous in those relationships.


Relating to all others, including authorities and laws, fairly and with due honor.


Making good decisions and choosing the right actions, even when there are no rules or directions on which to rely.


Pursuing knowledge about the highest things, while not thinking oneself wise in one's own eyes.

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Meet the Principal, Timothy Allen, and learn more about Southeast Ohio Classical Academy's classical curriculum and enrollment process. View our list of upcoming events.


K-12 Classical Education Podcast

Tim Allen, founding principal at Southeast Ohio Classical Academy, joined the Hillsdale K-12 podcast to discuss opening the first-ever classical charter school in Southeast Ohio.