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Uniforms at SOCA

Dennis Uniform is the exclusive school uniform vendor. Please ensure that all uniform purchases are made through Dennis Uniform. Please view the uniform policy details below before purchasing.


SOCA Uniform Policy At-A-Glance

Additional Uniform Provisions

1. All clothes must be obtained from Dennis Uniform except the socks and shoes.

2. All students must be in uniform at all times. No clothing other than uniform tops and bottoms are permitted.

3. This uniform guide is designed based on students NOT changing for PE class at SOCA.

4. All shirts must be tucked in.

5. Skirts and shorts shall fall no higher than two inches above the knee as measured when the student is standing.

6. Leggings or tights may be worn underneath skirts or jumpers but must be ankle-length or footed in a solid color – white, gray, navy or brown. Leggings are not to be worn without other bottoms on top.

7. Good personal hygiene is required at all times. This includes wearing neat, clean clothing. Clothes may not be ripped or torn.

8. For additional information, please reference the SOCA Family Handbook.