What is classical education?

Classical education is an education in the liberal arts and sciences that uses time tested curriculum and methods, and is rooted in the most basic goal for education since ancient times: to equip students with the tools for learning, so they are able to think and learn for themselves, and in doing so to develop the kind of inquiry that allows them to discover for themselves what is good and true and beautiful.

An education at Southeast Ohio Classical Academy:

  • Aims to cultivate moral character and civic virtue
  • Aims to instill appreciation and discernment of the good, the true, and the beautiful
  • Recognizes that the Western and American traditions are our precious heritage and transmits the accumulated wisdom of Western civilization (yet not at the expense of that which is good from other civilizations).
  • Aims to cultivate human flourishing in the individual, in communities, and in our nation
  • Includes the use of classical books and art, as well as the reading of primary source documents in history
  • Concentrates study on the core academic disciplines: history, literature, mathematics, and science
  • Develops an appreciation for the visual and performing arts
  • Maintains a strong emphasis on language, literacy, writing, and mastery of the English language

Teaching in a Classical School

Our vision is to cultivate a faculty who are passionate and expert in their discipline and who pursue their own intellectual interests and curiosities, because these are the kinds of teachers and habits we want our students to be able to emulate. We expect that our faculty will not only be expert in their discipline, but also devoted to the art of teaching, kind hearted, and  enjoy spending time with their students.