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Support SOCA

Thank you for your interest in supporting us!

Founding a new school will take the help of many families, friends, and partners in our community. Our 501(c)(3) application has been accepted by the IRS and is pending approval. The IRS has stated that any gifts to SOCA given between now and the official approval date should be considered tax-deductible once the approval is complete.

Why does SOCA need your help?

Southeast Ohio Classical Academy (SOCA) will be a publicly-funded school once the doors have opened in the Fall of 2024. However, the school will need to fund many other startup-related expenses before then.

Here is where your gifts are going:

  • School building rental fees and/or improvements
  • Principal salary
  • Costs of legal, financial and charter application consulting fees
  • Marketing and website
  • School furniture and supplies
  • Insurance and staff salaries

Southeast Ohio Classical Academy is incorporated as a non-profit entity in the state of Ohio (EIN: 87-3013431). As such, your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for tax purposes to the extent the law permits. After a donation, donors will receive a gift receipt.